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Our focus for employers is to provide dedicated and hardworking applicants who are committed to long term employment.  We work with our customers to help them develop the vocational and social skills required to be successful in the workplace.

All job applicants go through an assessment to determine their strengths and opportunities.  This allows us to match individuals with the appropriate job qualifications to the right employers, saving employers time in screening process and providing a strong foundation for success to everyone involved.

Our business partners in the community are a very important part of our success, some of the services we provide are:​

  • Consistent resource for finding dependable and qualified workers

  • Reduce costs associated with recruiting and training

  • Loyal, reliable and safe workers

  • Educating staff on working with people with disabilities

*An important note for employers is that we are 100% funded through government contracts so we truly are a partner and resource for employers in the community.

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